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A contingent of AWOCers made the trek to Narrandera to compete against the WaggaRoos as part of our Interclub series. No course wins for AWOC but some good points to maintain our lead in the series.


Date: 28 May 2023
Series: Interclub #3
Map: Rocky Waterholes
Type: Bush O

PlaceNameOrganisationTimefor startingfor finishingfor placingAWVWRN
4.5km Long Hard        
1Briohny SeamanWRN0:44:0411608
2Rebecca GeorgeAWV0:47:0511570
3Geoff TodkillNCL0:54:500000
4Deb DaveyWRN1:00:3011406
5Tony PerrottAWV1:09:031120
6John OliverWRN1:13:181102
7Alan DavisAWV1:22:591120
3.1km Short Hard    
1Jack JanetzkiWRN0:41:1911507
2Alex DaveyWRN0:50:1511406
3Julie GoodingWRN0:56:2211305
4Leigh PrivettAWV1:00:231120
5Liz WoodAWV1:05:111120
6Rob SimmonsAWV1:07:331120
7Rick ArmstrongAWV1:11:311120
2.8km Moderate    
1Steve & Kris DickieWRN1:01:2011406
2Norm McCannAWV1:02:5711350
3Pauline MooreWRN1:24:3311204
1.5km Easy    
1Ryder SeamanWRN0:18:3611305
2Samuel DickieWRN0:19:1011204
3James DickieWRN0:19:5111103
4Joanne DeaconAWV0:30:251120
5Kath OliverWRN0:45:141102
      Event Total2658
      After 2 events9166