Life Members

Lester Sawyer
2005Rob Simmons
2011Leigh Privett
Anne McLeod-Nibbs
Liz Wood
Tony Perrott
Norm McCann
Rick Armstrong

Club Champions

Note that it is traditional for AWOC club champions to set courses for the following year, thus not being able to win consecutive titles.

YearBush O MenBush O WomenBush O JuniorMTBO MenMTBO WomenMTBO JuniorDuO MenDuO WomenDuO Junior
2017Leigh PrivettPrue DobbinNicholas MousleyRick ArmstrongAsh ForrerMatt FlowerEthan Rahaley
2018Rick ArmstrongLiz WoodNicholas MousleyLeigh PrivettHelen RobinsonCooper NortheyJosh RoyHelen Jerome
2019Peter MousleyAlex FreireMatt FlowerEmma FlowerMatt FlowerEmma Flower
2020Matt FlowerLiz WoodRuby BurnsPeter Mousley
2021Peter MousleyRuby BurnsPeter MousleyEmma FlowerNicholas Mousley
2022Leigh PrivettLiz WoodMatt FlowerHelen RobinsonFabrizio AndreoniGoele Schmitz
2023Peter MousleyHelen RobinsonRuby BurnsMatt FlowerHelen RobinsonMatt FlowerEmma Flower

Strewth Award

For outstanding achievements and contributions to the club, first introduced by Jan Martin in 1978.

Strewth Award winners from each year choose the criteria for the following year. This can include a points table or a simple selection of a winner. Winners receive the Strewth Award trophy for the year and, in the early years, a sweaty “I’m in front” T-shirt.

2017Peter Mousley
2018Rick Armstrong
2019Leigh Privett
2020Norm McCann
2021Peter Mousley
2022Nicholas Mousley
2023Tony Perrott

Office Holders

YearPresidentVice PresidentSecretaryTreasurer
1975Lester SawyerDoris RazengEva Park
2018Rick ArmstrongMatt FlowerWayne BajenoffNorm McCann
2019Peter MousleyTony PerrottWayne BajenoffNorm McCann
2020Peter MousleyRick ArmstrongWayne BajenoffNorm McCann
2021Peter MousleyTony PerrottWayne BajenoffNorm McCann
2022Peter MousleyTony PerrottWayne BajenoffNorm McCann
2023Peter MousleyTony PerrottTony PerrottNorm McCann
2024Peter MousleyHugh CameronTony PerrottNorm McCann