As you would appreciate, running a club and events takes a lot of voluntary effort.  We are always after volunteers to assist with committee activities, course design, setting up/packing up at events and administrative tasks.  The work can be good fun and a great learning experience.  There will always be experienced members to turn to for advice and volunteers will be trained for the various roles.  Let the club know if you are able to help and in what particular activities you are interested.

Course Setting

Every event requires one or more ‘course setters’. The course setter(s) design the courses and, for most local events, run the event – put out controls for bush orienteering, manage the start/finish of competitors, etc.

But don’t be scared off – we are lucky to have lots of experienced course setters who will help and there are always people to help on event day.

For larger events, experienced courses setters are used and a team of people help with set-up, administration and pack-up. But you can still be involved and gain valuable experience.


We are always looking for new maps and existing maps always need updating. Anyone interested in learning about making or updating orienteering maps should contact the club.

First Aid

In an effort to encourage to have more members with first aid training, the club offers $100 to any member who wishes to obtain or update a first aid certificate.