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A big contingent of AWOCers made the trek up the Hume to Livingstone National Park to compete against the WaggaRoos.  This event was originally scheduled for late March but extreme heat (39°C) caused it to be postponed until now.  The temperature may not have been the same (frostbite being more likely than heatstroke) but AWOC was HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

This was a home event for the WaggaRoos but you wouldn’t have known it – AWOC had an excellent turn out and dominated the day.

Peter Mousley, Becky George and Nick Mousley swept the podium positions for AWOC on Long Hard, with Matt Flower and Russell Blatchford making it an AWOC top 5!

WaggaRoos claimed first on Short Hard but Liz Wood and Rob Simmons completed the podium for AWOC.

The best individual result of the day came on the Moderate course: Gibb Willinck, a junior participating in our training sessions, won!!!  It was an awesome result and the way Gibb worked around the course at a good, steady pace was fantastic.  Well done Gibb!  Norm McCann grabbed second while Indiana Flower with mum Emma missed a podium spot by just one minute.

Hugh Cameron put his replacement hip to good use to claim third on the Easy course.

The day was topped off with celebratory drinks and food while we thawed out at the Gerogery Hotel on the way home – a great day out!


Date: 18 June 2023
Series: Interclub #1
Map: Wolfram
Type: Bush O

PlaceNameOrganisationTimefor startingfor finishingfor placingAWVWRN
5.8 km Long Hard        
1Peter MousleyAWV0:48:0611680
2Rebecca GeorgeAWV0:51:4811570
3Nicholas MousleyAWV0:58:1911460
4Matt FlowerAWV1:01:131120
5Russell BlatchfordAWV1:10:011120
6Debbie DaveyWRN1:14:241102
7John OliverWRN1:21:481102
8Alan DavisAWV1:31:201120
9Leigh PrivettAWV2:04:021120
4.0 km Short Hard    
1Jack JanetzkiWRN0:32:1511507
2Liz WoodAWV0:46:4911460
3Rob SimmonsAWV1:01:2211350
Briohny SeamanWRNMP1001
3.1 km Moderate    
1Gibb WillinchAWV0:40:1011460
2Norm McCannAWV0:48:1911350
3Pauline MooreWRN1:09:1511204
4Emma and Indiana FlowerAWV1:10:2211020
5Louise BullAWV1:15:0211020
2.4 km Easy    
1Ryder SeamanWRN0:39:3411305
2Kath OliverWRN1:21:0011204
3Hugh CameronAWV1:34:0411130
      Event Total5825
      After 3 events14991