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The battle for the 2024 ‘North East South West Interstate Challenge Cup’ (gotta love that name!) began at 9 Mile Reserve, Ettamogah. A small turnout of WaggaRoos and a large contingent of AWOCers meant AWOC collected a huge points hull in our annual Interclub competition.

Recently moved to Albury, Kayla Fairbairn made a statement by winning Long Hard by a big margin – almost 13 minutes faster than second-placed Jack Janetzki from WaggaRoos. Behind Kayla, the other runners were very close on times, with only 16 minutes separating 2nd from 10th. James Lithgow, visiting from Orange, NSW, had a good run to finish third with Tony Perrott gaining an Interclub podium points position finishing forth (3rd of ‘the locals’ for whom points are awarded).

Rob Simmons won Short Hard by 2 minutes from Liz Wood, with ‘the walkers’ completing the placings.

Father and son Emmo and Gibb Willinck had a close tussle on Moderate, with dad Emmo about 2 minutes faster. Mum Lou Bull wasn’t far behind in third, the family having a strong outing.

The kids (and a few not so young) had a great time on Easy, with Eve Joyce demonstrating rapid improvement to win the course in a good time. Eve’s siblings and cousins Clara, Tilly, Theo and Pearl ran together to finish in an identical time for second place with Indiana Flower. Well done boys and girls! Special mention to brothers Lackie and Roy Graeber, completing their first event!

The Easy course was loaded with kids, so many so that we ran out of maps! The extended Harper family had a great time, with Finley getting the win over sisters Arabella and Sascha. Ryder Seaman (WaggaRoos) continues to impress for someone so young and claimed third. But what about the list of future superstars? Brothers Jarrah and Eddie Meston (WaggaRoos), Theo, Eve, Clara, Louis, Annie, Indiana and Caylina – all still very young but loving their orienteering!

Thanks to course setter Matt Flower for organising a day enjoyed by all!



Date: 28 April 2024
Series: Interclub #1
Map: Knowles (aka 9 Mile)
Type: Bush O

PlaceNameOrganisationTimefor startingfor finishingfor placingAWVWRN
5.3 km
Long Hard
1Kayla FairbairnAWV0:45:351168
2Jack JanetzkiWRN0:58:231157
3James LithgowGSN1:01:01
4Tony PerrottAWV1:03:271146
5John OliverWRN1:04:47112
6Michael BurtAWV1:07:30112
7Wayne BajenoffAWV1:08:29112
8Julie GoodingWRN1:10:23112
9Alan DavisAWV1:13:16112
10Fabrizio AndreoniAWV1:14:34112
3.8 km
Short Hard
1Rob SimmonsAWV0:50:151157
2Liz WoodAWV0:52:271146
3Norm McCannAWV1:03:031135
4Prue DobbinAWV1:06:42112
5Helen RobinsonAWV1:07:52112
6John TrevivianAWV1:38:33112
Hugh CameronAWVMP11
3.3 km Moderate    
1Emmo WillinckAWV0:34:291146
2Gibb WillinckWRN0:36:411135
3Lou BullAWV0:41:511124
4Peter ChaszcziwskyAWV1:07:52112
5Jason + Anna ArmstrongAWV1:40:50112
6Martin ByrneAWV2:14:09112
Anna SullivanAWVMP11
Steve ThorntonAWVMP11
2.2 km
1Eve JoyceAWV0:47:581135
2 (equal)Clara + Tilly + Theo + PearlAWV0:56:081124
2 (equal)Indiana FlowerAWV0:56:081113
4Claire SandfordAWV1:02:44112
5Lachie and Roy GraeberAWV1:03:37112
6Kath OliverAWV 1:11:16112
      Event Total8613
      After 1 event8613