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Week 5, the final week, of our Autumn park & street series was held around Glenroy and Norris Park.

This was only the second time we’ve used this map after it was left collecting cobwebs for several years, but it’s a good map for park & street with lots of winding streets, connecting links to provide route choice and various bush and park areas mixed in.  The huge number of controls provided lots of route choice and no obvious way to maximise your score.

Peter Mousley had another solid run in the Run class, drawing on experience to collect more points in about the same distance as Nick Mousley who finished second.  Special mention for Angela & Josh Sandral competing in their first event and demonstrating some good navigation skills and running speed!

Rick Armstrong was more than two minutes late returning and thus incurred a big points penalty, but still managed to win and complete his domination of the Walk class.  We don’t mention them often but it’s been great to have several families with younger kids join the Walk class each week – some of the distances covered are very impressive!  A big “well done!” to Indiana, Harry, Louis, Annie, Eve and Clara.  The Walk class has proven successful and we hope more people can be encouraged to participate in future (we just need to make Rick do it with his shoelaces tied together…)

Matt Flower was our only rider this week but put in a strong ride with good speed to collect 870 of a possible 1090 points and win the Ride class.

Thanks to course setter Norm McCann (who also received the award for the most controls ever on a course – 32 of them!!!).

Full results and GPS tracks for RunWalk and Ride.


Date: 29 March 2023
Series: Autumn Park & Street – Week 5
Map: Glenroy
Type: MapRun Score O
Duration: 45 mins

RUN (max 1090 points)
1Peter Mousley44:088.495:11650650
2Nicholas Mousley44:008.775:01590590
3Fabrizio Andreoni45:347.875:47520490
4Liz Wood43:585.597:51400400
5Rob Simmons44:115.388:12330330
6Joanne Deacon41:356.056:52300300
7Angela & Josh Sandral43:335.318:12260260
WALK (max 1090 points)
1Rick Armstrong47:125.358:49380290
2John Trevivian41:483.8011:00250250
3Tony, Eve & Clara Perrott41:483.7511:08250250
4Emma & Indiana Flower41:491.9022:048080
5Nerida, Harry, Louis & Annie Boyd42:131.9921:128080
RIDE (max 1090 points)
1Matt Flower44:3412.933:26870870