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Driving through large areas of thick fog on the way to Burngoogee we wondered what awaited us. Turning into Murraguldrie forest and the fog persisted but seemed to be getting thinner. Just a few hundred metres further on we were greeted with glorious sunshine and it stayed that way – a stunning winter’s day!

The weather was matched by the quality of the map and courses – Waggaroos’ Jack Janetzki did a great job course setting on all four courses.

Once again AWOC had a good turnout, especially considering how many regulars are currently away or injured. Our numbers and a clean sweep of the podium on Short Hard gave us a narrow win on the day – 43 points to 38. AWOC’s overall lead in the Interclub series is now 255 to 158 and we look forward to reclaiming the North East South West Interstate Challenge Cup (aka Interclub trophy) in two weeks at Nail Can Hill.


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Date: 31 July 2023
Series: Interclub #5
Map: Burngoogee (Murraguldrie State Forest)
Type: Bush O

PlaceNameOrganisationTimefor startingfor finishingfor placingAWVWRN
5.3 km Long Hard        
1Briohny SeamanWRN1:02:141168
2Peter MousleyAWV1:10:551157
3John OliverWRN1:19:381146
4Nick MousleyAWV1:26:19112
5Leigh PrivettAWV1:27:55112
6Helen RobinsonAWV2:36:16112
3.6 km Short Hard    
1Tony PrivettAWV0:59:211157
2Liz WoodAWV1:02:021146
3Michael BurtAWV1:08:291135
4Chontelle DaileyWRNDNF11
2.9 km Moderate    
1Helle SouthwellWRN0:39:541146
2Tom JanetzkiWRN0:43:541135
3Norm McCannAWV0:58:411124
4John TrevivianAWV1:02:28112
5Pauline MooreWRN1:18:47112
6Martin ByrneAWV2:06:52112
2.0 km Easy    
1Jack SouthwellWRN0:21:151135
2Hugh CameronAWV0:25:421124
3Charlie Southwell and George & Heather JohansenWRN0:59:501113
4Kath OliverWRN0:59:55112
      Event Total4338
      After 5 events255158