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Week 3 of our Autumn park & street series was held around Noreuil Park and Gateway Island.  Many of the tracks around Gateway Island have become overgrown following last year’s floods but the control locations used provided good route choice and challenging decisions for which to get.  And for the first time we had a control up on the old rail line, halfway across one of the old bridges.

Peter Mousley topped the Run class with Emma Flower not far behind.

Rick Armstrong made it a hattrick of wins in the new Walk class, but by the barest of margins – Matt and Indiana Flower were just 10 points behind!  If that wasn’t close enough, Norm McCann would have tied Rick on points but was 5 seconds overtime and incurred a 30 point penalty to finish in third place.  Those seconds count!

No riders this week.

Thanks to course setter Rob Simmons, who also provided some map updates.

Full results and GPS tracks for Run, Walk and Ride.


Date: 15 March 2023
Series: Autumn Park & Street – Week 3
Map: Noreuil-Linc
Type: MapRun Score O
Duration: 45 mins

RUN (max 540 points)
1Peter Mousley42:098.075:13400400
2Emma Flower42:157.575:34360360
3Nicholas Mousley39:107.665:06310310
4Joanne Deacon47:197.266:31210120
5Nerida & Harry Boyd45:573.5313:019060
WALK (max 540 points)
1Rick Armstrong41:554.609:06220220
2Matt & Indiana Flower40:104.119:46210210
3Norm McCann45:054.899:13220190
4Kristy & Lachlan Clement34:233.3610:138080
5Claire Sandford45:453.6712:275020
RIDE (max 540 points)
(no competitors)