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Week 2 of our Autumn park & street series was held on a new map of White Box Rise and the western end of Bears Hill, Wodonga.  A good mix of parks, streets and laneways provided for some navigation challenges.

Nick Mousley again topped the Run class, scoring the maximum possible 800 points with zero seconds to spare; Nick finished in exactly 45 minutes.  He would have finished much earlier but made a 1 km detour back to the start as he realised he’d forgotten to take his dog with him! (no animals were harmed in the making of this story!)  Fabrizio Andreoni missed just a single, 10-point control to finish a close second.

Rick Armstrong again won the new Walk class, covering more than 5 km in 45 minutes for the second week.

Matt Flower offloaded his ballast from last week (no children were harmed!) to collect all controls in just under 30 minutes.  Alan Davis and Leigh Privett also scored the maximum possible 800 points with times only a few minutes behind Matt.

Thanks to mapper and course setter Peter Mousley.

Full results and GPS tracks for Run, Walk and Ride.


Date: 8 March 2023
Series: Autumn Park & Street – Week 2
Map: White Box (Bears Hill West)
Type: MapRun Score O
Duration: 45 mins

RUN (max 800 points)
1Nicholas Mousley45:009.484:44800800
2Fabrizio Andreoni42:048.345:02790790
3Joanne Deacon45:056.996:26570540
4Juliette Milbank36:415.256:59480480
5Rob Simmons45:345.578:10510480
WALK (max 800 points)
1Rick Armstrong45:355.288:37510480
2Claire Sandford42:163.7411:18310310
3Kristy, Mark & Lachlan Clement37:133.2311:31290290
4Nerida, Harry, Analise & Louis Boyd42:022.9414:17210210
5Emma Flower42:222.5116:53210210
RIDE (max 800 points)
1Matt Flower29:099.643:01800800
2Alan Davis32:3110.723:01800800
3Leigh Privett35:0210.413:21800800
4John Trevivian40:119.464:14500500